Home Hill Show 1927, 'Splendid Success', from the Home Hill ‘Observer’ -

The second exhibition of the Home Hill AHIS held on August 27, was a success from every viewpoint. The exhibits were well filled and the quality of some was simply splendid. So numerous were the exhibits, that the committee were hard put to fit them in the space afforded in the late EF Ryan’s store. The Home Hill Rural School gave a very creditable non competitive exhibition of the work performed by the pupils and this included wood work, cookery and saddlery. The committee must feel the success of their efforts warrants the expansion of the Society that many are at present advocating. The results were:

VEGETABLES AND FRUIT. In the class for 7 lbs of potatoes there were no fewer than 16 entries and in his remarks the judge stated that they were the best exhibits of potatoes he had ever seen and awarded H Watkins 1, Geo Marshall 2, Mrs W Menkens 3. Speaking of the quality of the tubers, Mr. Mather considered that they were far superior to the potatoes sent from the Southern States. First place winners in other sections were: Mrs Gili: Capsicums, Parsley, Silver Beet and Red Beet; Mrs W Menkens: Three heads of cabbage, Carrots and Passionfruit; AH Graham: Bananas, Egg fruit and Beetroot; Mrs B McPherson: Dish of Tomatoes and Lettuce; Mrs AK Vaughan: French Beans and Eschallots; JD Milburn: Heaviest cabbage; Mrs J Berryman: Cauliflower; RO Colls: Oranges; Mrs J Hurney: Sweet Potatoes.

HORTICULTURE: The display of roses was most creditable, and the trophy donated by Mr G Pestorius for most firsts in this section went to Mrs W Gibson, who annexed seven firsts, including a beautiful floral basket which the judge referred to as being ‘a charming exhibit' showing excellent taste and conception and very artistic. Mrs Gibson won these sections: Dianthus, Gerberas, Roses (6 varieties), Floral Vase for Dining Table, Three Buttonholes, Three Ladies' Sprays, Floral Basket and numerous second placings. Mrs A Ball won Collection of Ferns (4 varieties); Collection Pot Plants (6 varieties); Specimen fern; Best Begonia, Palm any variety, Hanging Basket; Mrs RH McClelland won for Phlox and Carnations, AS Donnelly won for crotons and aralias, T Jackson won the zinnias section, Mrs J Roberts for red roses, Ted Haller for pink roses, and Mrs Menkens for climbing blooms. Arch Graham won Yellow Roses, Best Laid-out Flower Garden, Best Home Flower Garden, Neatest Kept House Allotment, Neatest Lawn, at least 20ft. x 20ft. (6m x 6m).

NEEDLEWORK WINNERS: Open Table Centre, Miss M. Todd;. Supper Cloth Needle work, Miss Nora Stevens; Supper Cloth (Crotchet) Miss AC Linton; Knitting (Wool), Mrs MA Carse; Collection Knitting Mrs WH Warren; Knitting (Cotton or silk) Mrs McIntosh; Crotchet (Wool) Miss E Brennan Crochet (Cotton) Miss AC Linton; Handworked Nightdress, Miss Elva Munro; Novel Design any work, Miss M Foxlee; Tatting, Mrs A Ball; Pair d’oyleys needlework, Miss Nora Stevens; Pair d'oyleys Crochet, Miss AC Linton; Handmade handkerchief, Miss E Munro; Cushion, Mrs Jaffrey; Table Centre (residents Inkerman Area) Mrs P Lane; Pillow shams, Miss Linton; Dressing Table Set, open to residents of Inkerman Area, Mrs Turner; Under 18 Years, Best Dressed Doll, Doreen Deane; Fancy Work; Jean Ferguson; Under 14 Years Darned Socks Doreen Deane; Ironed Child's Frock, Jean Myers.

CREATIVE ART Judge: Mr CN Finch. Best Example Creative Art, open to residents of Inkerman Area, Geo Harper 1 B Langlands 2.

HOUSEHOLD. Decorated Cake, Miss M Foxlee; Homemade Bread, Mrs Menkens; Plate Scones, Mrs CW Howes; Fruit-Cake, Mrs D Buchanan; Sponge Sandwich and Sponge Roll, Miss Doreen Deane; Collection Jam and Coconut Ice, Mrs Ball; Rosella Jam, Miss R Power; Rosella Jelly, Mrs McCaffrey; Collection Homemade Sweets, Mrs Burlington; Short Bread, Mrs GA Cowie; Plum Pudding, Mrs Golding; Tray of Mixed Biscuits, Muriel McKinnon; Sand cake, Mrs C McAllister; Best Damper and Tray of tarts, Mrs Dodge; Rainbow Cake and Ginger Bread, Mrs Simpson; Collection Pickles, Chutney and Sauces, Mrs C McAllister; Collection Preserves, Mrs McCaffrey , Homemade Soap, Mrs J Berryman senr.

SUGAR CANE. Judge: Mr W Gibson. Stool Plant Badila, W Meehan; Three Sticks Plant Badila, W Meehan; Three Sticks HQ.420, Geo. Marshall. Three Sticks any other Variety, Geo Vass (B208). Badila Plant for CCS Test, J Evans weight 23lbs, ccs 15.32. Highest CCS in Show, irrespective of weight, Geo Marshall (16.37) I. HA. Backhaus (16.33) 2. Three Sticks - Ratoon Badila; AD Johnstone.

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