Main Street from South to 8th Street

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Eighth Avenue along the Western side -


58 Eighth Ave

The Home Hill Post Office was opened on 3rd November 1924. After the 1947 flood, the building was raised to be above likely flood levels. It was remodelled in the late 1980’s/early1990’s when the Post Office boxes were moved from the back of the building and moved into an alcove in the side of the building. The number of Post Office boxes was increased. Home Hill Post Office became a Licensed Post Office on 7th July 1997. The building was sold to Mr Tony Chiandet, the then Post Master.

 above, Post Office about 1930

 left, 2009. The telephone exchange is
 visible at the left

68 Eighth Ave

 above, 1950 advertisement


72 Eighth Ave

 Smith Gist & Co Accountants on the left,
 ANZ on the right.
 Now all ANZ bank.

74 Eighth Ave

Take a vacant lot and a very short street.

Add -

Rest Rooms on the vacant lot (bottom right)

Then several years later, add a Comfort Stop (below).

Oops, what happened to the street? Who needed it? Doesn’t this look better?


76 Eighth Ave

above - Queensland Country Cedit Union.
right - The Commonwealth Bank until it was remodelled then closed. Note the tree in the median strip - barely higher than the car. They’ve grown.

Eighth Avenue along the Eastern side -


99 Eighth Ave

The Crown Hotel is one of Home Hill’s oldest buildings. The stone plaque on the front wall was laid on June 16, 1913. The drive-through bottle department at the rear is a more recent addition. On the right, ground floor is a room that, for a time, was the location of the TAB. It is now a meeting room. The TAB equipment was moved to the bar.  

93 Eighth Ave

left - This was the Commercial Bank of Australia until it merged with the Bank of New South Wales (the Wales).

The merged banks became the Westpac Bank. The new building was built (centre). Westpac closed the Home Hill branch.

The site is now the Bendigo Bank (right).


71 Eighth Ave

 above - The newer Commercial Hotel.

 right - The Commercial Hotel advertisement 1950.

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