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Please help us! We would like to record the history of the buildings and businesses of Home Hill.

Over the decades, many businesses started. Some are still here while others closed when circumstances changed or their owner/s retired or moved. The Ice Works made ice for households to keep their food cold in coolers and ice boxes before refrigerators and freezers became common in homes. In the 1970's, Home Hill had a number of small corner stores. Do you remember them? There must be a myriad of stories and photos of Home Hill.

Each business had a part in forming and helping Home Hill grow. Let us acknowledge the contribution of each and every business. If you have a story or photo, we're interested. This page can grow with your assistance. Contact details are at the bottom of the page.

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The Buildings and Businesses of Home Hill
Eighth Avenue -
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Do you have something to add to these pages? Contributions welcome. Please contact us.

Photos don't have to be perfect.

Photo editing programs can improve and restore images as these examples show. The photos on the left are originals; on the right, the same photos after editing. The top two show how damage and discolouration can be improved. The monochrome pair show how faded signs can be made visible.
You can send information by mail, email, deliver or just a story by phone.
Please include your phone number in any correspondence. Any doubts or queries can be resolved with a quick call.
Photos can be dropped in and scanned while you wait (most times).
Photos by mail - put cardboard on each side of the photo to protect it. Enclose your return address if the photo is to be returned, otherwise they can be passed on to the Historical Society.
Photos by email - Avoid mega-pixel photos; they clog email boxes. If you scan a photo, scan at no more than 150dpi. Taking a photo - set the camera to a low size picture.  The photos of the Post Office are only 300 x 236 pixels and 455 x 141 pixels - about 9 to 13 kilobytes. If possible, mega-pixel photos should be edited in a photo editing program to cut their resolution and size for quicker emailing.
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