Advertising on the Home Hill Chamber of Commerce web pages

Statistics 2011 -
This site had over 3,700 visitors.
The visitors viewed over 15,000 pages.

The adverisements will be included in the majority of our pages. The ads are not locked into any particular page. Any ad could appear on any page. All ads will be displayed an equal number of times.

Cost per annum -
 Home Hill Chamber of Commerce members - $200.00.
 Non-members - $400.00.
(Our constitution limits membership to businesses in the Burdekin Shire, south of the Burdekin River.)

The technical stuff -
We can accept business cards to scan (now that wasn’t very technical, was it?)
Getting a bit more technical -
Advertisements can be emailed to the webmaker in the following formats:-
  Static - bmp, jpg, gif, tiff.
  Non-static - animated gif, SWFmovies, SWC movies.
  Links to ads on another web site.

Images not suitable for web pages (bmp, tiff) will be converted to another format.
The ads will be resized to a maximum width of 300 pixels (the width of the ad above).
Ads over 250 pixels high may incur an additional charge.
The advertisements do not have to be on our web server. We can link to your website or Youtube, etc. to get the ad.
The ads can be used as links to another (your) web site.

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