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The sugar cane farms in this region produce more tons of sugar per hectare than any other place in the world. Our sugar cane has the highest sugar content of any - it's sweet. Visitors often described Home Hill as a friendly little town with a "She'll be sweet" attitude. Hence our slogan -
Home Hill, the Sweetest Place in the World.
For those of us who are lucky enough to live or work in Home Hill -
If you think Home Hill is a great place to live or work, why not tell the world? Use our town logo on your letterheads, business cards, in your advertising.

This logo is for Home Hillites to use to promote our town. Please download it and use it wisely. It is free of charge.

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A little info about our logo -
Across the middle of the logo is a drawing of four of the ten spans of the Burdekin Bridge. The bridge is 770 metres long and with the approaches included, it measures about 1100 metres - two lanes of traffic, and a rail line - quite a landmark - just 3km north of town. Two sticks of sugar cane represent the many crops of the district. Sugar is the main crop. The beef industry is represented by the head of a very sturdy looking bull.

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