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Sugar and Water

We are receiving enquiries - "Why is the sugar in your region the sweetest in the world?", "Do you irrigate the cane?", "Where does the water come from?"

This page is to help answer your questions. We decided not to repeat what is already on the web, but to find informative sites, give a summary of the topics on the sites and point you in the right direction.

Our Liquid Gold (Water)
Over countless years, the Burdekin River has changed course many times. It has meandered over most of what is now called the Lower Burdekin or the Burdekin Delta. The river left vast deposits of sand many metres deep. The sand fills with water which can be pumped for irrigation. This is the aquifer - the source of our "Liquid Gold".

South Burdekin Water Board
After you arrive at their site, place your cursor over the menu item “Water System´”. There is information about the aquifer, action to protect it and recharge it, and about irrigation.   Link »

CSIRO A study of irrigation and the Burdekin aquifer. "Healthy Crop and Healthy Groundwater ľ Sugarcane in the Burdekin Delta.", (PDF 506KB)   Link »

The Burdekin River
Brief but comprehensive information about the River which brings us our "Gold"   Link »

The Burdekin Dam
Information about the Dam, fishing and boating. The Burdekin Dam - the "Bank" for our "Gold"   Link »

The Cooperative Research Centre for Irrigation Futures
A multitude of information on irrigation and more. Use the search box on the right, near the page top.   Link »

Crystallised Sunshine (Sugar)

Australian Primary Industries
Some of the topics on their site -
Uses of sugarBy-products
Exporting including list of portsLink »

Queensland Sugar
See links under -
Supply Chain Solutions

Link »

Australian sugar industry movieAbout Ethanol
Sugarcane, paddock to plateOur environmental focus
Biotechnology & GE sugarcaneData & Statistics
About Carbon Trading & ETS Link »
When you arrive at their site, check - Industry Centre - About Australian Sugar (and others).

Sugar Research Australia
A large amount of information about research in the sugar industry, including the new mystery Yellow Canopy Syndrome.   Link »

Inkerman Sugar Mill   Wikipedia     Link »
Sucrogen Bioethanol     Link »
Sucrogen     Link »
Maps & Satellite Photos
The extent of sugar crops   Link »

Light Railway Research Society of Australia Inc.
Qld sugar cane railways today.
How we get the cane to the mills   Link »

Other Crops

Cotton trial crops
A promising new crop in the Burdekin   Link »

Soybean and Cassava   Link »

Cass Tech and Cassava
CassTech Limited (CTL) is an unlisted Australian public company that has developed world-leading cassava farming techniques and machinery to produce high yielding cassava on a broad-acre basis.  Link »

Cassava info
Burdkin Shire Council website  Link »

Have you found a site with useful information about the crops and industries we have in Home Hill? We’d like to hear about it. Did you find the information at these sites useful or interesting?
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Water - our Liquid Gold
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