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Poster Competitions

The Home Hill Chamber of Commerce has conducted Poster Competitions for the last three years. Multiple copies of the posters have been laminated and placed in shop windows of members of the Home Hill Chamber of Commerce to promote the town.

The competitions were open to both Secondary students and students in Year Seven of the Primary Schools in the Home Hill district.

We invite you to see the district through the eyes of some of our younger citizens. These are the things they think make Home Hill special. What do you think?

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Competition artists - Some of these posters may not be as you designed them. Different versions of programs give different results. If your poster is not as you designed it, please help us fix your poster. Convert it to a "PDF" document and attach it to an email to the webmaster. Convert it? How? - Instructions here.
If you don't have your original poster file, it can be sent to you. .

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