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Floods and Cyclones

** Are we going to have a flood? What parts of the district will be flooded? Check the first TWO QUICK LINKS under the red Flood heading.

** Cyclone? Storm Surge? Check the first QUICK LINK under the red Cyclone heading.

This page has links to LOCAL and other useful information.

ELECTRICITY. The electrical supply is not likely to fail in a flood, but could. It is almost certain to fail in a cyclone and you can be without electricity for many hours, possibly several days, maybe longer. The best way to get through a cyclone or flood is to be prepared well in advance and to know what to do before, during and after the event.

At the first indication of a major weather event, go to this website, download the information you need, print the sheets if necessary, get prepared.
Burdekin Shire Council Downloadable Fact Sheets for Cyclones and Floods,   Link »

FOR ALL EVENTS - Radio 97.1 Sweet FM
We are fortunate to have our own local radio station dedicated to giving LOCAL information in times of emergency. In your flood or cyclone preparations, make sure you have a battery operated radio AND FRESH BATTERIES so you can receive updates. Your computer and TV may may not work.

** When there is a flood threat, the Burdekin Shire Council publishes warnings at this webpage. The warnings are updated as needed. Media Releases,   Link »

** The warnings will give an expected river height at the Burdekin Bridge. This gauge is sometimes called "the gauge at Inkerman Bridge" or simply "the gauge at Inkerman". (Confusing: the town of Inkerman is 10km away from the river.) What do the river heights mean? This page lists the probable areas to be flooded for various river heights. Probable Effects,   Link »

Another Council publication - Prepare for a Flood,   Link »

How are the river levels measured? The Burdekin ALERT Flood Warning System was completed in 1990 as a cooperative project between the Bureau of Meteorology and the Burdekin Shire Council. The system comprises of a network of rainfall and river height stations which report via VHF radio to a base station computer located in the Council office in Ayr. The stations send reports for every one millimetre of rainfall and every 50 millimetre change in river height.
Map of the Burdekin River catchment showing the recording stations,   Link »

Bureau of Meteorology, a graph showing the river level at the river recording station at the Burdekin Bridge. Under the graph are links to recording stations at other locations.   Link »

Bureau of Meteorology, rainfall   Link »

** When there is a Cyclone or storm tide threat, the Burdekin Shire Council publishes warnings at this webpage. The warnings are updated as needed in Media Releases,   Link »

Council publication - Prepare for a Cyclone,   Link »

Bureau of Meteorology, Map of Current Tropical Cyclones. On this page (near top) is a link to their radar web page.   Link »

If the electricity fails and you can’t check the cyclone by computer or TV, remember Radio 97.1 Sweet FM. Make sure you have fresh battteries for your radio.
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