Regular Contributors, Instructions and Suggestions.
Listings are free for not-for-profit clubs and orgainisations.

Security- YOU are responsible for keeping the Login and Password secure. Should your computer be stolen, please contact the Home Hill Chamber. We will disable your login to prevent the possibility of problems if thieves find traces of the login and password on the computer. We must take precautions to prevent unacceptable listings appearing on the Events Page.

On the 'Add an Event Page' -
Time/Date Formats - Buttons on the 'Add an Event Page' provide a choice of time and date formats to suit different events. One-day events need a different format to multi-day events.

Examples -How the time and date will be displayed -
One-day event:Sat, 6 Mar 2010 8:00am to approx 5:30pm
Multi-day:Sat 6 Mar to Sun 7 Mar 2010
or:Sat, 6 Mar 2010 8:00am to Sun 7, 5:30pm
Multi-month:Mar 2010 to Sep 2011
time unknown:Sat 6 Mar 2010
date unknown:Mar 1896
month unknown:  1770

Historical Events - With Historical Events, the time of day, date or even month of the event may not be known. Enter any date and time then select the Date Format that hides the unknown details. Make sure the end time and date are after the start time and date (or they can be the same).

Multi-day events - If the events or start times vary day by day, we suggest entering a number of listings.
Firstly, a brief multi-day listing with the start date and end date, name of event, and description, plus a note similar to - "See each day's listing for details". Choose a time/date format that doesn't show the times for multi-day listings.

Then add individual single-day listings for each day with the details of times.

Frequency of Event - It is not necessary for contributors to delete old events. This will be done by the system. Frequency of Event determines when the listing will be automatically deleted from the system.
Set an event as a Yearly event and it will be viewable in Past Events for about 15 months so you can refer back to check dates and times.
Set an event as a Weekly event and it will be viewable for one to two months before it is automatically deleted.
Genuine Historical Events (club started, club house built) stay indefinitely.

An event is postponed - Login, go to current events, select the event, click "copy". On the copy, enter new dates/times, add a note "Original event xxx (date) was postponed." Save the page.
Update the old listing. You can add a note "Postponed due to rain, now xxx (date)." Click "Update" to save the change.

The Club/Organisation Name on the form - Contributors are not able to change this. Should the club change its name contact the webmaster or Secretary of the Home Hill Chamber.

Location - You can change this - usual events, usual location. Christmas party can be somewhere else.

Timeout - When you are logged in to add or update an event, the system is likely to log you out if there isn't any activity for about 15 minutes. Get the cup of coffee before you log in to avoid being auto logged out.
Listings must be in English.
Listings likely to offend will be deleted and will result in the contributor being locked out of the system.
The Home Hill Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to remove events, the Events Page or alter contributors permissions at any time.