Applying to become a Regular Contributor to the Events Page.
Listings are free for not-for-profit clubs and organisations.
The listings should be for events to be held in Home Hill.

Approved Regular Contributors are able to add listings at any time and the listings are immediately displayed without further processing by the web administrators. As a safeguard against inappropriate or unacceptable listings we have the following Conditions of Application to become a Regular Contributor -
  • We require a letter on the club/organisation letterhead advising who is to be the authorised contributor to add listings for the club/organisation. More than one contributor is permitted but each must have a different login name. Login names are not displayed in the listing but will be recorded against each listing. This information is available to the web administrators.
  • The applicant must complete the online registration and submit it. Your login name and password should NOT be words found in the dictionary. A mix of upper and lower case letters plus a number or two are best. YOU are responsible for keeping the login and password secure. Should your computer be stolen, please contact the Home Hill Chamber. We will disable your login to prevent the possibility of problems if thieves find traces of the login and password on the computer. We must take all reasonable precautions to prevent unacceptable listings appearing on the Events Page.
  • After the contributor's login is activated, the contributor will be notified. The contributor will be able to start submitting listings after receiving the notification.
Listings you may add -
  • Weekly events.
  • Committee meeting notices.
  • Special events.
  • Historical events (Club started, club house built)
The contributor will be able to add and edit events for the registered club/organisation only. If the contributor is also the contributor for a second club/organisation, a second application and different login name is required. It may seem a nuisance to have to logout then login again but there are some advantages. The name and usual location of events for the club/organisation are automatically displayed for new listings, which saves some typing.

All of the information on the registration is available to the administrators including your password. However, the password is encrypted before being stored and appears as a long line of numbers and letters. There is no known way to decrypted the password. Your password is safe.

Listings likely to offend will be deleted and will result in the contributor being locked out of the system.

The Home Hill Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to remove the Events Page or alter contributors permissions at any time.