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Maps of Home Hill and District

Walkways in Home Hill
A number of walkways have been surveyed in Home Hill for people wanting light exercise. The walks were designed with a number of things in mind. Safety of the walker, points of interest along the way and walks of different known lengths for varying levels of fitness were among the considerations.

The Burdekin Shire Council has prepared maps and they available from their website. The maps are combined in one PDF document. The document also has hints and a checklist for newer walkers.
Visitors and new residents are welcome to call at the Tourist Information center in the old Rail Station opposite the Comfort Stop and pick up another map that lists points of interest and some of the history of the town. Get to know the town we think is the sweetest place in the world!

District Road Maps
The links at the bottom of the page take you to maps of the Shire roads and boat ramps on the Burdekin Shire Council website. They are in '.pdf' format and you will need Adobe Reader to view the maps.

The 'pdf' format has many advantages -

find A search is possible if you have a road name. Type the name in the find box and the name will be highlighted. You may have to zoom in to see the highlighted name.

magnify The magnification or zoom is very adjustable. Experiment with different numbers and the scroll bars until the exact part of the map you require fills the screen.

rotate The map can be rotated. If you wish to print a tall, thin map and your screen is wide and short, then you can rotate the image; click on View - Rotate View - select Clockwise or Counterclockwise depending on which way the crick in your neck allows you to tilt your head. (You will see the advantage of rotating the map when you print it.)
print The printing - Click 'Print' and in the Print Dialog find 'Print Range', select 'Current View' and your custom sized map will be printed the same as it appears on the screen. Print "All" if you require all the map, but it is a lot of information to fit on an A4 page and the print will be small. Suggestion:- if you plan to explore our shire, print a number of easy-to-read maps of smaller sections of our district AND the "all" map to see how the pieces fit together.
Town Planning Map
This document shows a map of Home Hill colour coded to show Residential, Industrial, Retail and Commercial, etc zones. Buying a house? See what is nearby.
Other Printable Maps
The Burdekin Shire Council has many other maps of the Shire and the towns in the Shire.
Burdekin Shire Boundaries
Two maps are available. The first link goes to a Google map that allows zooming to see detail. The second map is in "pdf" format.
Home Hill Bypass
or Burdekin Highway realignment.
A bypass of Home Hill and a new Burdekin Bridge are being planned. No date has been set. It is likely to be many years before this is built. The link below goes to a Main Roads webpage with project information and project background.
A map of the proposed route of the bypass is available here. The exact route is not set as yet. The shaded areas show the extent of the areas under consideration.
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