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Home Hill Census Stats
Australian Bureau of Statistics

The four links below take you to the Australian Bureau of Statistics website. Statistics can be helpful when deciding where to locate a business and what to stock. If you are relocating to Home Hill or have been transferred, this information can help you get to know the town and district.

The first link goes to a page with information about Home Hill.
The next is labelled Postcode 4806 which corresponds with the official Home Hill District - from the Burdekin River south to the Whitsunday Regional Shire.
Home Hill is part of the Burdekin Shire which extends north towards Townsville.
Gumlu is a farming community about 30km south of Home Hill. Although it is a part of the Whitsunday Regional Shire, it has closer ties to Home Hill than Bowen about 70km to the south.

Each link takes you to a page where you can choose the statistics you wish to view. The area is displayed at the top right in this clip taken from their web page -

QuickStats are text based pages. Their load times are reasonable and they print well from most browsers.
MapStats split information into zones on maps. Interesting but slower to download.
Census Tables have infornation in Excel format.
Community Profiles have more information in compressed Excel files.
Click on the blue text - "Which product should I select" for more info on the choices.
Click one of the circles to make your choice, then click the "View Data" button under the circles.

Home Hill   Link »

Postcode 4806 (Home Hill District)   Link »

Burdekin Shire   Link »

Gumlu   Link »

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